“Mazaj” has two great chefs: Laila & Shehta ...
Both have traveled the world, experiencing diverse cuisines, learning from many chefs, especially in Lebanon where they lived for seven years, and in Spain (Marbella) spending three months a year every summer for over two decades.
In Lebanon, they learnt Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish food from various chefs. In Spain, they excelled in Andalusian cuisine, a mix of Arabic and Spanish mezza, add to that Moroccan cuisine, which is prevalent in southern Spain.
Furthermore, Laila and Shehta through the years have perfected Egyptian cuisine along with Palestinian dishes such as “Mesakhan”.
So, we welcome you to MAZAJ to sample some of the finest dishes of Arabian fusion.

Experience Arabian Fusion
The Idea of “Mazaj” came up after several years of searching for a unique concept that combines and perfects the best of Arabian Cuisine.
Mall of Arabia Branch: easiest access from Gate 2 and walking straight outdoors
Facebook: Mazaj.Arabia
Instagram: Mazajarabia
For Reservation Call: +2 011 1711 5281 / +2 011 1877 5664

Our Gallery
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