Memories of Our Founder

For ITC's founder, the late Mr. Islam Shalaby, the establishment OF Egypt's first airline GSA was a brave step into the unknown. In 1967 he learned that Gulf Air - than a rising star in aviation - was seeking a General Sales Agent and he seized the opportunity to branch out from his bu - the youngest ever.

Mr. Islam Shalaby was known to be a man who enjoys a challenge. Following his graduation from the American University of Beirut, he had opened a thriving publishing house in the Lebanese capital. Upon his return to Cairo, at 27 years of age, he was appointed advisor to the Ministry of Culture - the youngest ever.

And in 1967, same year of his appointment, he initiated the first Egyption Book Fair, which is even today a much anticipated annual event. This was a significant personal achievement for a man who loved books.
Indeed, by the time, he was credited with publishing the works of such illustrious authors as Ahmed Ragab, Sala Nasr, Farouk Shousha, Youssef Francis and Soleiman Mazhar. " The Unknown Treasures of Egypt'' and 'Tut Ankh Amon '' were published in cooperation with the Japanese publishing house Kodansha, and were international best-seller.

In 1981, when ITC had become an established and successful venture, he opened the four-star Nova Park Hotel, adjacent to the villa of Youssef Wahbi, a leading light of Egyptian cinema and theater. For Mr. Shalaby, who was passionate about promoting culture and was a great admirer of Wahbi work, the hotel become a labor of love, and quickly flourished.

In 1992, Mr. Shalaby decided to transform his hotel ito a luxurious five-star establishment with Sheraton management Sadly, he passed away before he could attend the glittering opening in 2000.

Omar Shalaby, Chairman of the International Trading Consultants Group and Dalia Shalaby the Vice - Chairman both say their father was their inspiration and their mentor.